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Sophia Vigne

Lead Artist




Work done by Sophia's special needs Kids




will provide a talented and charismatic atist to lead the painting portion of your event, her name is Sophia Vigneborn and raised in Florida, Sophia Vigne has been exposed to art for as long as she can remember. Sophia's new series of boats clearly

represent her freedom of expression. Thanks to her instructor Chris Burlini, Sophia Vigne found her passion working with the spatula and oils. Her goal in life is to make a difference with her art by working with the young and the old, and giving comfort to

people in need while using art as a therapy. With the gift God has given Sophia, she has been able to share her talent with autistic kids, school kids, and adults. She hopes to continue this journey for years to come.

If you want to see some of  Sophia’s work go to




Fun New Projects for your Painting Parties! Painting on Wood.        $35.00 per person. 2.5 hrs

Paint this Groovy Van on Wood $45.00 per person 3 hrs.

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