Importance of Art in Adults

Art's In You gives you an opportunity to be a carefree adult who is able to get in touch with their creative side in life.

Art's In You is an amazing artistic outlet for so many people. As adults get older, the need for art increases. With the overwhelming responsibilities of life, adults don't get to enjoy and discover their creative side as much as they would like. Our goal is to provide you with the best service by bringing art to you front door. With Art's In You, you don't have to worry about traveling or any hassle because the party comes to you. Art's In You brings the party right to your front door or wherever you plan to have your event. The sky is the limit with Art's In You. All you have to do is supply your own guests, food and beverages. So invite some of your friends over to have your own private carefree night in with art, great friends, good food and drinks.

Art's In You helps provide adults with developmental benefits they could possibly miss out. Some of those development benefits include:

  • helping individuals relax

  • providing a sense of control

  • reducing depression and anxiety

  • assisting in socialization

  • encouraging playfulness and a sense of humor

  • improving cognition

  • offering sensory stimulation

  • fostering a stronger sense of identity

  • increasing self-esteem

  • nurturing spirituality

  • reducing boredom

When you book a session with Art's In You, you will be instructed by Sophia Vigne. She will help you create beautiful masterpieces right before your very eyes. She will help you unlock creativity and passion you never knew that you had. Her instructions are a tool you use through every stroke of the paintbrush. Sophia is a charismatic soul who gives everything she has in her sessions, so you will leave feeling like a world class Picasso.

Contact Art's In You today to book your first Paint party and become the artist you never knew you were. Contact Margarita Vigne our Event Manager today. Call 561-239-5404 or E-mail We look forward to helping you uncover your artistic side.

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