Our Children Need More Art!


Research has shown strong links between scribbles of preschoolers and the early stage of written language and reading, including mathematical reasoning.

Exposure to art in schools have long-term academic and social benefits, children exposed to art scores better than their peers on essays evaluating artwork, and had higher scores for tolerance and empathy.

Unfortunately today, arts are a low priority subject in schools. In recent years, school curriculum in the United States has shifted heavily towards common core classes, which focus on the importance of reading and math. Sadly, arts in the schools are normally put on the back burner. Today, children are being exposed less and less to arts, which in turn is killing off their creativity. Our goal as an artists, is to provide arts to every child and help them develop their imagination.

Art helps provide children with developmental benefits, some of those development benefits include:

• Motor Skills

• Language Development

• Decision Making

• Visual Learning

• Inventiveness

• Cultural Awareness

• Improved Academic Performance

• Socializing

Art's In You provides your child with a unique experience, some amazing memories, and a good connection to artistic creation that is no offered to them at every corner.

When you book a session with Art's In You, you will be instructed by Sophia Vigne. She will help your child create beautiful masterpieces. She will help them unlock their creativity and their passion for art. Sophia is a charismatic soul who gives everything she has in her sessions, she loves her art and she wants to share her passion with her students.

Contact Art's In You today to book your child’s first painting party. Our painting parties are scheduled for 2 to 3 hr. sessions at your own location. Art's In You Brings the Party to You. This is a great time where your kids will put all their electronic devices aside and spend quality time with their friends while developing their creativity.

For more information about our art parties, contact Margarita Vigne our Event Manager today. Call 561-239-5404 or E-mail artsinyoupaintparty@gmail.com. We look forward to helping your child uncover their artistic side.

You can view all of Sophia's professional artwork at www.artbysophiavigne.com.


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