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Alfred Biegel

19333 Sabal Lake Dr

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                                    19 April 2017

To Whom it May Concern


SUBJECT:  Letter of Recommendation


REFERENCE:  Sophia Vigne


I have known Sophia for almost a decade since she began her art lessons as a young teen at the Burlini Art Studio in Boca Raton. During this period of time, I have long observed her substantial progress in the painting arts. Sophia often demonstrated her consummate painting skills, when in less than a year of instruction one of her paintings was selected to hang with other professional artists at the Cornell Museum in Delray Beach.  As a result of her superb painting skills, I selected Sophia to display her paintings at a special two month Art Show at the Spanish River Library also in Boca Raton. Having had the pleasure of observing Sophia’s significant advancement in her painting tradecraft on a weekly basis over the years, I was not surprised when Christopher Burlini a Master Painter renown as the proprietor of the largest private art Studio in our South Florida region, selected Sophia to be the assistant instructor for art classes for children and young teens. Sophia most certainly excels in this arena based on the special attention, reception, and enthusiasm displayed by her young students. 


Sophia’s talents go far beyond her painting skills and accomplishments.  Undoubtedly, her low key gentility, respectfulness, and leadership, coupled  with her engaging  personality, has earned her the praise of all her fellow artists young and old. She is a most praiseworthy, bright and welcoming light, at the Burlini Studio.  Whether painting on her canvases, or instructing her young charges, she will aways be available to help some elderly artist, and assist the Burlini Studios during various receptions. 


Unsurprisingly, Sophia is also a young entrepreneur. I have found her to be a mature thinker, mindful of the necessary actions and hard work that a young adult must undertake to succeed.  She maintains a sharp focus on advanced education, and other measures to build her rapidly expanding private business ventures, Without any doubt, Sophia has the mental acuity, determined leadership, and sound aspirations to succeed.  Toward, that end, Sophia has the highly qualitative personality traits, and demonstrated leadership capabilities to meet the most exacting goals and standards of any prospective employer, or associate.





Alfred Biegel

Colonel, US Army (Ret)


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